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Golf is the heartbeat of Cape Cornwall Club and our friendly members will always give you a warm welcome.

The Club has been quoted as having ‘the most spectacular golf course scenery in Great Britain’ by Marcus Weatherburn of PlayMoreGolf, who has visited over 250 courses in the UK.


Cape Cornwall Club (CCC) welcomes new members. The membership runs from 1st August 2020 to 31st July 2021 and can be pro-rated for those wanting to join before the new year begins.

One of the strengths of the Club is a membership drawn from a broad cross section of locals born and bred, and those who have
chosen to settle here.

There is always ‘golfer’s grub’ on our menu after every competition at the 19th hole, where you can come in out of the elements
and enjoy our fine food, superb local real ales and warm open fire while still enjoying spectacular views.


The Club was once Nanpean Farm owned by the Payne family, but in the late 1980s, Donald Payne turned it into an 18-hole golf course with the course designer Bob Hamilton.

They converted the stone wall barns and farmhouse into the Club House and opened up to the public in 1990. The first club competition was a Texas Scramble, which is commemorated every year in May. Soon, the founder’s two sons Nigel and Robert took over running the operation until the early 2000’s, and since then, it has been through several pairs of hands until Andy and Leanne Cleary bought the property in July 2019.

The Club has always been known throughout Cornwall for its friendliness and unpretentious atmosphere, where businessmen, farmers, fishermen, artists and everyone in between mix together having a drink and laugh at the 19th hole.

According to one of our longest standing Members, Club Captain Bill Arnold, many years ago when the Payne family first ran the bar, sessions would rock on until the wee hours of the morning, and skinny dipping in the pool was encouraged! To celebrate the Millennium, the Club had a fancy dress party and Nigel Payne put on a firework display – the only problem was that the thick Cornish mist descended. “We could hear the rockets going wiz… bang! But no one could see a damn thing!”


The Cape Cornwall Club offers an 18-hole golf course with a challenging par 70/5672 yards off the white tees, all the way down to a shorter par 63/4105 yards from the forward blue tees intended to encourage beginners and those with the highest handicaps. Features of the course include Cornish hedges and rocky walls, which, along with the capricious winds, add to the challenge and can alter your choice of club significantly each time you play.

Each of the 18 holes offers incredible views with some of the most scenic geographical features in the United Kingdom. On a calm, sunny day, you can see all the way out to the Isles of Scilly.

In 2020 the World Handicap System will be introduced for all players throughout the globe, and like other courses, we shall then be embracing a Slope Index for our course.


Pro shop: We have a selection of golfing attire branded with our CCC logo for visitors and Members alike on sale in the reception area.

Dress code: We’re an informal club, where jackets and ties are rarely seen, but we encourage normally accepted golfing attire, no jeans. If you are in any doubt as to what to wear, please ask our reception team when booking your round.

Bookings information and visitor green fees are as follows:

Our online booking system is coming soon, but in the meantime, dial 01736788611, or send a booking enquiry to

Become a Member:  The various memberships entitle you to play in 6 competitions a week all year round, within three main sections being Ladies’, Men’s,
and Seniors’. Please get in touch on our contact page to enquire about our membership fees.

Visitor Green Fees: For walk-up rates please call us on 01736 788611 or get in touch on our contact page.

Visitor Tee Booking: Please call us on 01736 788611

Tee Times: Please call us on 01736 788611 or get in touch on our contact page.

Buggy and Trolley Fees: Please call us on 01736 788611 or get in touch on our contact page.

Booking Buggies and Trolleys:  Please get in touch on our contact page to book your Tee Time, or if you would prefer to call us, dial 01736 788611

Become a Member:  Please get in touch via our contact page to enquire about our Members Fees

                           There are various memberships available with the full membership fee being only £565 per year
                                               Please get in touch via our contact page to enquire about memberships.

Score Cards: Score Cards are available at reception for players.


Club Calendar: Our regular events and competitions are well supported, and regularly updated. Please get in touch via our contact page for the latest news or find us on Facebook


  • Men’s: CCC has a thriving Men’s Section with competitions held on Wednesdays and Sundays throughout the year.  The main club competition is held on a Sunday, and is often a 9:30am ‘shotgun’ start meaning the course is full all morning and the bar, all afternoon.
  • Ladies’: The Ladies’ main competition day is Saturday and we have a roll up for 9 holes each Thursday morning.  After play we usually gather in the bar whilst the results are processed and announced. Although small in numbers, we readily participate in events at other Clubs and those run by the County Ladies’ Association. We also have a team in the Cornwall Ladies’ League Competition. Each year the Ladies’ section organises a fun ‘Away-Golf-Weekend’, which is usually very enjoyable! We keep in touch via a WhatsApp group and one of our members maintains a blog under the heading of ‘The Awesome Adventures of Cape Cornwall Ladies’ We are a particularly friendly and sociable group, and welcome new members and visitors.
  • Seniors: We have a large section of Seniors. Competitions are arranged on Tuesdays and Fridays, along with our famous annual tour to Brittany.
  • Juniors’: We have a Colts membership package and one of our priorities will be offering initiatives to support young golfers.


The overall Club is managed by the Club Committee and each Club section, Mens, Ladies and Seniors have their own autonomous Committees which feed into it.

Club Committee

Leanne and Andrew Cleary (Chair)
John Payne
Geoff Preece
Rob Atkinson
Sarah Blight
Ros Thomas
Mike Hills
Geoff Jones
Roy McDiarmid
Linda Lugg

Mens Committee

Geoff Preece (Captain)
Rob Atkinson (Secretary)
John Payne (Treasurer and Handicap Secretary)
Ashley Liddiard
Martin Tenbeth-Oats
Dave Moore

Ladies Committee

Sarah Blight (Captain)
Frieda Pring (Vice Captain)
Ros Thomas (Secretary)
Fran Polglase (Treasurer)
Di Hillage (Handicap Secretary)
Ruth Bowers (Assistant Handicap Secretary)

Seniors Committee

Mike Hills (Captain)
Tim Stobbs (Vice Captain)
Geoff Jones (Secretary)
John Payne (Treasurer)

Safeguarding Officer

Jean Clow
01736 754708


All internal walls and bridges are integral parts of the course. However, a player may not climb or stand on a wall to play a ball. A player unable to play a ball which has come to rest on top of an integral wall whilst standing on the ground must declare the ball unplayableand proceed under penalty of one stroke (Rule 19).

The inner faces of any wall, fence or gate bounding the course constitutes the boundary of the course. The car park and Clubhouse are not part of the course.

The following areas are out of bounds:

A. The badger set on the 4th.

B. The 4th hole when playing any other hole.

C. Any other hole when playing the 4th hole.

D. The 13th hole when playing any other hole.

E. Any other hole when playing the 13th hole.

F. The elevated area by the 16th tee.

G. The practice ground bounded by the 16th, 17th & 18th.

A. Loose stones in bunkers and loose impediments (see rule 15.1).

B. All tee marker and commemorative stones are immovable obstructions and relief may be taken under rule 16.1.

C. Any loose or solid-surfaced path is an immovable obstruction.

Any ball which strikes any overhead wires must be replayed without penalty.

A. A player may discontinue play during a hailstorm. Play shall be resumed immediately upon the end of the hailstorm.

B. The klaxon will sound as follows:

     3 long blasts will abandon the game;

     2 short blasts will pause play;

     1 long blast will resume play.

A. Please repair pitch marks or divots.

B. Please be careful of cars and walkers using the road along the 12th hole.

C. Attention must be given to road users when crossing the road between the 2nd & 3rd holes and 11th & 12th holes.

When a player’s ball is in a penalty area, including when it is known or virtually certain to be therein even though not found, the player may take relief using one of the options under Rule 17.1d. When playing the 14th hole, players may also take relief by using the drop zone.

General Note

All measurements are to the middle of the green.