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Hole 18

Bollowall | Hole 18

Hole 18


Par 5 – 504 yards

Insider tips

Bill: “Driver and a 3 wood, then a rescue wood. Play it in 3 shots due to the two walls. On first shot, there’s an out of bounds to your right. On the second shot there’s an out of bounds to the left and the third shot to green there’s an out of bounds to the left.”

Mark:  “Playing it safe, use a 4 iron to the middle of fairway, then a 7 iron, then a pitching wedge or 9 iron to the green. If you want to attack the hole, try using a driver, then if you are in bounds you can use 5 wood or 3 wood to reach the green if winds in the right place.”

Di:Our longest hole – just try to keep on the fairway.”